Epoxy Resins

The ADR and HPR series of epoxy resins and adhesives has been developed by Adhesive Technologies for optimum performance. This range of resins and hardeners developed with unique chemistry makes them suitable for building all composite structures including high temperature post cured carbon laminates. 

With superior mechanical properties and wet-out characteristics, ADR resins and hardeners have become the preferred systems for large, high flow laminations requiring reliable cure and long working times. Formulated for laminating/ impregnation and infusion, ADR resins and hardeners produce stronger, stiffer and tougher laminates than conventional general purpose epoxy systems. 

The HPR series of adhesives offer superior toughness and resistance to micro cracking. The high peel strength provides an outstanding surface bond strength.

Choose from the following resins and hardeners to best suit your application and working time: 

Laminating, infusion and pre-preg resins

High Performance, toughened adhesives

Specialist Epoxy Resins