Foam Cores

Adhesive Technologies offer a wide range of PVC and PET foam cores.
PVC Our range of PVC closed cell foam cores provides excellent strength to weight performance for a wide range of composite uses.
Along with the excellent mechanical properties PVC foam cores also contribute minimal water absorption, good chemical resistance, excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction.
These PVC cores are compatible with polyester, Vinyl ester and epoxy resins.

PET Our range of PET recyclable thermoplastic foam cores have substantial mechanical properties, temperature resistance , chemical resistance and fatigue resistance.

This foam core range is cost effective and is suitable for a wide range of industrial , marine  and transport applications.
Like its PVC big brother our PET foam a core is compatible with polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins.
PVC and PET foam cores are available in a wide range of formats with all standard cut patterns and finishes possible. We offer range from 40kg/m3 to 250kg/m3, vary in average density and sheet sizes. Quotation can be provided at request.