Application Equipment

Foam Roller Covers-180mm
Roller Handle-180mm
Roller Tray
Paint Brush 25mm
Paint Brush 50mm
Paint Brush 75mm
Paint Brush 100mm
Stirring Sticks (804-8)
Small Brushes (803-12)

Dispensing Equipment

Minipumps 3:1 (303) for 1 L and 4L kits
Minipumps 5:1 (300) for 1.2L, 4.8L, 12L and 24L kits
Minispumps D  for 10L and 20L kits
Small Syringes (807-2) packet of 2 x 12ml syringes 
Large Syringes 60cc
Plastic Mixing Cups
Papaer Measuring Cups
Squeegee Plastic (808-2)
Notched Glue Spreader (809)


Safety Equipment

Hand Cleaner 1L

Vinyl Disposable Gloves (832-4)
Vinyl Disposable Gloves (Box)