Double Bias Cloth

Double-bias cloth is composed of fibers stitched together at +/- 45 degrees. 
The fibre orientation in the Double-Bias fabrics is the optimum combination to provide high shear strength / stiffness and easily conforms to a variety of complex difficult to laminate around shapes. 
This product is suitable for hand lay-up, vacuum bagging, vacuum injection and other RTM-processes and is also commonly used for the taping of joints in composite structures due to the ease at which the orientation of the 45/45 fibres allows easy positioning of the fibre into complex shapes.
Double-bias fabrics are available, with or without a light chopped glass strand backing.

Available Range:

430g/sqm-1270mm wide
626gm/sqm-1270mm wide
800gm/sqm-1270mm wide
Also avaliable in tape sizes: 100mm, 150mm,200mm wide