High Performance and Toughened Epoxy Adhesives


HPR5 is a rubber toughened liquid epoxy, offering exceptional peel strength with negligible reduction in shear and tensile strength.  

HPR5 exhibits excellent resistance to micro-cracking which results in greatly improved resistance to fatigue and impact resistance.
HPR5 is designed for room temperature cure applications.

HPR5 is designed for:
• Structural metal and composite bonding, such as metal to metal parts, metal to composite parts and composite to composite parts.
• Commonly used in a primer application prior to the addition of HPR 25 toughened epoxy adhesive, 
  Particularly useful when used as a primer or thin film adhesive when bonding pre preg components.

HPR5 is a two component epoxy system comprising of part A and part B, available in the following sizes:

Part A

Part B


HPR20 is a development of the ADR 240 resin, offering increased toughness due to the addition of the rubber-toughened modifier.

HPR20 offers excellent cured mechanicals, in particular the extension at break while maintaining toughness. 

HPR20 is designed for room temperature or low elevated temperature applications

HPR20 is designed for use with ADH26 hardener.

HPR20 is designed for both laminating applications where toughness is a primary consideration and can also be used as a base to make a toughened adhesive with the addition of ATL specialized glue powders. Examples are the laminating of a range of fibes in ski and snow board manufacture.

HPR20 may be used in combination with high performance fibres, such as Kevlar, in specific applications in which composite toughness is to be maximised. Temperature control during lamination will greatly expedite fibre wetout. 

HPR20 is available in the following sizes:



HPR25 is a rubber toughed epoxy paste formulated to produce a high strength bond with excellent resisance to peel.

HPR 25 system was originally developed for the bonding of aluminium sheets onto low density cores.

Additionally HPR 25 system exceeds the requirements pertaining to ASTM D1002; which are called for in certain military applications. it has subsequently been modified to offer high strength bonding to composite and occasionally metal parts.

HPR25 is designed for room temperature cure applications but does have a range of hardeners giving longer working times if required.

HPR25 is commonly used for:

• Metal bonding. Steel and Aluminium. 
• Bonding composite components 
• Bonding prefabricated components in to pre-preg structures often with the use of HPR 5 as a primer.

HPR25 is a two component epoxy system comprising of part A and part B and is available in black or white in the following sizes:

Part A:


Part B: