ADR249 is a relatively new development and is a  medium viscosity epoxy laminating resin providing excellent mechanical properties, high heat distortion temperatures, and rapid through cure.  In some cases, the ADR249 system may achieve sufficient cure overnight for the laminate to be handled the next day.
ADR249 is designed mainly for laminating large open mouldings and with the ADH170 range of hardeners offers a wide selection of open times of up to 24 hours

ADR249 is available as a thixotropic (ADR249TX) or toughened (ADR249TG) variant

ADR249 is DNV Certified 

ADR249 is commonly used for:

• Marine Construction 
• Sporting Equipment 
• Large Composite Structures

ADR249 is also sufficiently low in viscosity to be used as an infusion resin when required. 

ADR249 is available in the following pack sizes: