Release Agents


Chemlease®41-90 EZ is a rapid curing, a wipe on only, solvent based semi-permanent mold release agent that provides multiple releases with minimal transfer to the molded part.
A high slip product for difficult molds, 41-90 EZ is designed primarily for closed molding of abrasive or low draft parts

75 EZ

The workhorse of the Chem lease range.

Chemlease®75 EZ is a unique semi permanent mold release system developed specifically for the composites industry, for use where a high quality finish is required.

A wipe on, wipe off solvent based semi permanent release agent. Good under gel coats and or where high gloss is required. Good at helping to control pre-release.


Chemlease® 258-R is designed to provide easy part release for difficult applications. Chemlease® 258-R is recommended for the following processes: filament winding, pre preg and wet lay-up on mandrels; LPMC, BMC, polymer concrete, and high abrasion compression molding. Chemlease® 258-R will not build up over time. 

258R is a wipe on, or sprayable water based sacrificial release agent.

SP Wax

Chemlease® ChemWax SP is a new semi-permanent paste wax designed to handle all applications where a release wax's would be used.