Sealers and Primers

707-002 Polyester Surface Primer

The ultimate High-Gloss surface primer for wood, MDF, tooling board and composite plugs, patterns and models. Unique air-cure technology for fast cure even with thin coats. Easy to sand, polish to a gloss.

707-061 Light Grey EZ Sanding Primer

An exceptionally easy to-sand primer that can be polished to a smooth, porosity-free surface. For surfacing patterns for composite molds, and where an easy sanding, high build primer is required. Apply over tooling board, MDF, brick, concrete, plaster and clay.

Vinyl Ester Primer

A high quality primer for composite marine surfaces an integral part of the Duratec Marine System. For one-off and production composite yacht priming and osmosis and blister repairs. Formulated for below waterline, topside and deck applications. For pattern surfacing and mold surfacing.

Available in Grey: 1799-006

823-A Clear Polyester Sealer

A low viscosity, rapid curing, penetrating sealer that anchors lacquers, urethanes, polyesters, vinyl esters and some epoxies to a variety of substrates.  For surfacing composite plugs and patterns and for sealing woods and veneers, plaster, concrete, and GRP surfaces.