Terostat 270

Terostat 270 is a one component adhesive/sealant based on a silane modified polymer. Available in black or white it is a high performance marine adhesive/sealant with excellent adhesion, UV resistance and elongation.

Terostat MS9399

Terostat MS 9399 is a rapid curing highly viscous, sag-resistant, two-component adhesive based on silane-modified polymers, which cures independently of the atmospheric moisture to an elastic product. It is free from solvents, iscoyanates and silicones. Terostat MS 9399 has good UV and weathering resistance and can be employed for bondings in indoor and outdoor uses. As Terostat MS 9399 is applied from the cartridge set through a static mixer, additional mixing of the product can be dispensed with. At room temperature, sufficient initial strength for handling is achieved after approx. 1.5 to 3 hours.