ADH340 Series 

ADH340 is a low viscosity, solvent free epoxy hardener, designed to cure at elevated temperatures.
This hardener has been designed to give the user an “almost” indefinite open time, until the application of heat.
ADH341 is a development of ADH340, to provide cure at lower elevated temperatures while maintaining extended open times and excellent mechanical properties.
ADH346 is a development of ADH341, to provide medium open-times with moderate post cures.
The ADH340 series of hardeners are specifically formulated for the use with the ADR240 epoxy resin.  
ADH340 is a catalytic hardener designed to give extremely long open time wet laminates and in filament winding. It does accordingly require a moderate post cure.
ADH341 is specifically designed for custom,  high-flow, pre-preg  construction  of  reinforced  fibre  laminates  using  "onsite" impregnators  and  low elevated temperature cure cycles. It is a very effective alternative to the use of conventional “dry” high viscosity prepregs.
Typical Applications include:
• Filament windings
• Hand Lamination
ADH346 is used to reduce drainage, B Staging and carbonation while improving the initial cure development and maintaining exceptional mechanical properties.