ADR320 Series

The ADR320 series is a range of rapid curing epoxy resins, suitable for use in both ambient and cold environments as well as damp or wet conditions to produce high strength waterproof bonds. 
The ADR320 series is formulated for the use with the 320 range of hardeners to cure at room temperature with minimal post cure requirements. 
The ADR320 series offers good working times and will typically give reasonable overnight hardness at room temperature.
ADR320 Range is a comprehensive system designed for the repair, protection and strengthening of various concrete structures.
The range consists of a: 
320 laminating resin
321 crack injection and primer resin
322 concrete repair mortar 
323 thixotropic adhesive.
Typical applications include:
• The impregnation of structural support fabrics and laminates 
• Repair and reinforcement of concrete structures 
• Repair and reinforcement of masonry with fabrics and laminates
• Repair and reinforcement of timber with fabrics and laminates 
• Repairing concrete cracks and seams.
• Primer
• Surface repair  
• Crack and void filling  
• Can be applied up to 10mm thickness 
•  Bonding of structural elements fabricated from wood, concrete, fibreglass, stone and marble, pottery, metal (ferrous and non-ferrous) and some plastics. 
• Underwater and dry surface applications 
• Surface Repair